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General Cement Products


Air Entrainment Meter


Mortars are used for a variety of purposes, the most common being as a bond between brick and block work. Both air content and density are important if durability and strength of mortar is to be adequate. Specifications often require minimum levels of air content and density. The equipment described enables standard tests to be performed on mortars and similar materials. The apparatus required for this test method is simple although the specific gravity of the constituents and the mix proportions by weight must be known prior to determining the air content.


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Ball Mill


Drive Rolls for Rod / Ball Mills are rubber coated and manufactured in Double & Triple Roll models. The rolls are 120mm diameter x 1200mm long and powered by a 0.37 kW 220 V motor with variable speed. Rod / Ball Mill Vessels are available in 304 & 316 Stainless Steel. Rods are available in Stainless Steel. Grinding Spheres (balls) are available in Stainless steel. Quantity and sizes to clients’ specifications.


Carbon Dioxide CO2 Analysis


Used for the determination of the carbon dioxide in lime. Consisting essentially of a decomposition flask 50 ml cap., of an absorption vessel to contain the potassium hydroxide solution, a measuring burette, funnels stopcocks, connections and wooden stand.


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Clinker Mass Unit / Bulk Density


Consisting of stainless steel funnel of2000 ccm which is mounted on a stand at a fixed height and has a slide opening at the bottom end of the funnel. Beneath the slide opening stand a calibrated stainless steel beaker of 1000 ccm. Method: Place Beaker onto scale, tare scale to 0,0g. Fill funnel with sample up to top and scrape level. Open slide thus 2000 ccm of sample falls (always from same height and same speed) into 1000 ccm beaker compressing the sample. Scrape top of beaker level. Place beaker back onto scale. Reading divided by a factor equals bulk density. E.g. Gram per cm³.


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Carbon Dioxide CO2 Analysis

For Kiln adjustment

Air Content meter 1 liter capacity and 0.75

Cyclone Pulverizer


Laboratory Pulverizer working on a three bladed cross beater system rotating at 14 000 r.p.m., pushing the material through a sieve with holes of 1,2 mm Ø and collecting the sample through a cyclone system in a 500 ml glass/ plastic jar. Dust free operation. Sample fineness - below 120 micron. 220 volt - 50 Hz.


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Clinker / Limestone / Aggregates

Flow Table


Flow and workability of Mortar and Lime.

To perform this test, a sample is placed on a metal surface which is then raised and dropped through a known height. The apparatus and methods of test are all similar, except that BS 4551 and ASTM C230 specify a cast bronze table top while BS 6463 specifies a mild steel top.


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Humidity Cabinet


Humidity cabinet to hold 3 gang moulds under conditions as specified under EN 196 specifications.

You therefore have a preset constant temperature and a preset constant humidity.

Electronic Temperature control with Refrigerated water circulation 15.0 ºC to 35.0ºC

Electronic Humidification up to 93% relative humidity at 20ºC


400-litre capacity with 4 stainless steel shelves to hold ± 20 x 3 gang moulds

40, 0 x 40, 1 x 160mm (EN 196)


Lime Reactivity Tester


When Lime is mixed with water it will immediately release kinetic energy. The instrument works fully automatically and consists of a stainless steel stand on which the reactivity vessel can be clamped, which also has a built in stirrer @ 2000 rpm and a “K” type temperature probe. The control unit records the increase in temperature and time of the water/lime mix from 20ºC to 60ºC


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Measuring energy release in



Plunger Apparatus


Mortar + Viscosity (thickness) testing workssimilar to the “EN Vicat” method. A aluminium beaker of given volume and size is filled with fresh mixed mortar, a plunger of fixed mass and size drops from a predetermined height into the mortar and penetrates same to a certain level. On the upper side of the plunger is a veneer scale engraved which will indicate the distance in mm of the penetration.


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EN 196 Standard Norm Sand. (Sachets of 1350g)


Test of Cement to be used in stainless steel boiling bath. Pre-packed certified sand to be used in EN prism The aim is to measure the expansion of the moulds. (Cement-Sand-Water)This sand is also Cement after having been for 24 hrs. Steam rising in used for standard setting time test.


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