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We at Peter Rassloff Instruments & Services and PRIS Cement Instruments are suppliers of laboratory equipment in the Milling, Farming and Cement Industries. We strive for excellent quality with competitive prices, and maintaining good customer relationships.

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We Provide Laboratory Equipment

We offer sales and servicing of laboratory equipment for the whole of southern Africa, as well as imports and exports of laboratory equipment.


We stand by the quality of products and servicing of our clients’ laboratories, with qualified and trained technicians.



We are the leading suppliers and manufactures of laboratory equipment, needed for the quality control and measurement of required parameters in the agricultural industry in Sub-Saharan Africa.


We have established a first-class product service and repair credential throughout Sub-Saharan Africa. Our Staff is highly trained, efficient and are willing to go the extra mile to offer our clients the best service and most cost effective products.


PRIS has established a high reputation in the Cement industry, supplying Laboratories with excellent quality products at the best possible prices, as well as reliable service and repair capability throughout Sub-Saharan Africa.