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We have relocated our Cape Town offices and are now only working from our Johannesburg office

Water Distill & Dispenser 

Automatic Adjustable Water Dispenser


5 – 60 ml (used for accurate dispensing for Falling Number, Mixograph, Colour Grader etc.

Rapid accurate dispensing of liquid


Water Distillation Unit


Our stainless steel water distillation are constructed from 304 Stainless Steel ensuring a long service life. The exterior is finished in a durable chemical resistant coat with a textured finish. Corrosion resistant incaloy sheathed heating elements of a low watts density ensure long element life. All Waterstills are fitted with a preset safety cut out thermostat.

Water Distillation Unit 

All Glass 4 litres per hour –Water distillation unit 4 or 8 litre per hour, complete with low level Wall mounted, simple robust unit, with easy water cut out device, pressure regulator and exchangeable heating element. 20 litre storage tank which switches unit off when full.

Without Casing

With Casing


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