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  • The system is used for determining gluten quality and hazardous insects damage.
  • It has a digital graphic LCD display which has 6 lines. 
  • It has 6 timers which are available to set any duration.
  • 40 rpm induced motor enables system to perform the tests with standard 40 rpm rate ,regardless of the load on the device.
  • Every timer has a led being active when it is operated.
  • The device also  gives us opportunity to run only the timer without operating the motor.
  • The ambient temperature can be seen during the test
  • When the test duration is over, it stops automatically warning with a signal.
  • It operates the test with standard angle
  • There are two steps following each other. After measuring first sedimentation value, you go for the delayed one. If delayed one is smaller than the first one, that means the wheat is affected by insects or has weak protein quality.
  • Including all accessories such as 25,50 ml. automatic pipets,2 glass flasks each 1 lt, 6 tubes each 100 ml.
  • Dimensions are 440*220*360 mm


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