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Sample Preperation

20 Liter Homogenizer


The Scientec RSA 20 Litre Homogenizer is used for larger batches of cement/sand/clinker etc. It has a fixed rotating speed, built-in timer and a separate manual rotation switch, which allows the loading of sample inthe “top” (up) position of the red sample holder and to dispense the homogenius sample in the down position -

220 volt 50 Hz power supply only.





When doing analysis of bulk samples it is important to ensure that the material is thoroughly mixed to give a representative sample for the entire batch. The Scientec RSA Homogenizer uses a round or square 5 litre tin to hold the sample mass. The tin is then strapped onto the platform (which is in an angle of 45º to the main rotating shaft) and is turned at 30 rpm for a fixed time.



These very accurate sample splitters have 10 sample containers which are mounted on a speed adjustable turn table. The sample to be splitted is placed into a stainless steel hopper which is mounted above an adjustable vibration chute feeder, which separates the sample finely into the rotating containers.


Sizes / Capacities available:

Micro Spinning Riffler: 1.5 kg. Capacity – 9 x glass jar containers

5 kg. capacity – 10 stainless steel containers

15 kg. capacity – 10 stainless steel containers

50 kg. capacity – 8 stainless steel containers

Spinning/Vibration Rifflers–Various Capacities


Micro sample splitting



Spinning Rifflers



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