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Sampeling Bulk & Auto Samplers


 Rakoraf 2 Linear: 



  • Complete and representative samples from drawbar combinations, semi-trailers and railway cars
  • Sampling range of up to 18.8m X 8.8m
  • Construction on Columns or wall bracket
  • Proven and Patented Rakoraf sampling technique
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Fast Installation


Mechanical Samplers: 


  • Easy handling
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easily decomposable
  • Outlet opening in the handle
  • Low weight
  • Length: 1.5m respectectively 2 m
  • Sample: about 600g respectively 800g



  • Sample taking.
  • Grain Bulk Probes – 2.1 m. – 1. 5 m. stainless steel

Bulk Truck Automatic Sampler 


The reliability of laboratory analysis depends on the quality of sampling. The samples should represent the actual composition of grain in the truck.


  • The pneumatic grain sampler is an industrial sampler for a wide variety of materials, including wheat,barley, corn, pellets, chips, flakes, granules and powders. It provides representative and repeatable samples form ships, rail cars, trucks, tubs, bulk-bags or other vessels.
  • Sample probe is mounted on the swivel stand and boom which are powdered in three axis.
  • The system can operate in 2 different mode which are automatic and  manual mode.
  • In the automatic mode ,sampling probe touches the base of the truck and starts sampling  from the base of the truck to the top.
  • Vacuum is provided by a very functional blower(3 kw)
  • Telemechanique PLC provides ease of use
  • Remote control distance is 50 meters.
  • In the manual mode, it is possible to choose the depth where you can start sampling.
  • The grain amount which system takes  depends on density and the moisture.
  • The system can move 180º right to left  and 180º left to right(totally 360 º)
  • It can move upwards and downwards.
  • The  probe strand has 240 cm length and by means of telescopic arms it is possible to lengthen the probe strand up to 640 cm.
  • The probe has 220 cm length.
  • High performance vacuum systems ,can take sample from different depths.
  • It collects the sample in the cyclone in the laboratory


Optional Accessories

  • Possibility to perform the sampling at night.
  • Traffic lights informs the driver about the process
  • Camera system lets the user view the sampling process better
  • Sample data recording software used to store and analyse information about the sample and provider
  • Communication line between the driver and probe operator
  • Factory sampling system for taking samples from production line in the factory


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