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We have relocated our Cape Town offices and are now only working from our Johannesburg office

Ovens & Furnaces & Incubators


Furnace 12000 


  • It is used for determining ash amount in the samples of flour and wheat at the flour factories.
  • The device is used in the tests intended for burning at high temperature in the industries other than flour industry.

Laboratory Drying Oven


Drying Oven: Digital temperature setting and control “Scientec RSA”

  • With forced convection fan and aluminium stainless steel moisture dishes with lid. Temperature adjustable from 5ºC above ambient to 160ºC
  • 250 mm Ø glass Desiccators with silica gel optional.
  • Various sizes /Digital or Analogue Control/Electronically



RM4 Furnaces



MUFFLE FURNACE 1000˚C and 1200˚C Models:-RM and RAF

  • 304 Stainless steel front plate
  • Powder coated mild steel housing
  • Shelf
  • Counter balanced door
  • Kanthal A1 spiral elements
  • Digital temperature controller
  • Chimney (RAF models only)


Low Temperature Indicators



  • Applications
  • Biology, Botany, Agriculture, Food Industry, etc
  • Special requirements on request, including illumination.
  • CONTROL ACCURACY: ±0,2 ˚C ~ 37˚C

        UNIFORMITY: 0,5˚C @ 37˚C


Humidity Indicators



  • Water chiller. (external from cabinet)
  • Illumination. (fitted in outer door)


        Ambient +10˚C to 99,9˚C


        60%RH to 98%RH


        ±0,2˚C @ 37˚C ±2% RH

        AMBIENT @ 25˚C 40%RH


Forced Circulation Ovens 


  • Standard oven with microprocessor temperature control, safety thermostat and fan assisted air circulation is ideal for those applications where control accuracy and uniformity are required.


Low Temp Germination Growth Chambers


  • Biology, Botany, Agriculture, Food Industry, etc
  • Special Requirements on Request

        TEMPERATURE RANGE: 0 – 99,9˚C

        CONTROL ACCURACY: ± 0,2˚0C @ 37˚C

        UNIFORMITY: 0,5˚C @ 37˚C





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