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Complete Mill /  all Mill Requirements


Roller Mill Machine – DAVM 


  • It is use to grind and crush the grain in the cereal processing plants.
  • It is designed to obtain flour and semolina in the flour and semolina mills by processing cleaned grain.




Quadro Plansifter - DPAK


  • It is used to sift the broken and floury products and classify different kinds of grains.
  • The square sifter offers many advantages for sifting processes at high capacities.
  • It provides large sifting area in very limited space. 

Prufier - DISA


  • It is designed to enrich and classify semolina in flour and semolina mills.

Drum Detacher - DTDA


  • It is used to break endosperm flakes, which are obtained after reduction rolls, so that it helps for the process of the flour production.

Vertical Vibrator Sifter - DVSI


  • It is used to unstuck the humid and greasy flour which come from the filter and the bran finisher.

Bran Finisher - DKFS 


  • Machine, which uses a centrifugal action to gently separate the floury endosperm, attached to the bran, thus reducing to the minimum the starch content of offal and ensuring high flour yield. 


Impact Detacher - DIKA 


  • It is used to realize separating and grind process at the semolina passages in the flour diagrams, this process increases the yield of flour and consumes less energy comparing to other grinders.


Silo Discharger - PSKB-PSUB


  • It is used to discharge stored bulk bran and similar product from storage bins, concrete, steel and plastics silos and provides smooth operation.

Turbo Control Sifter - TKSF


  • It is used in the flour mills to separate any foreign material that may be mixed into final product during milling process or storage. The foreign materials are then separated from product before packing, product storage or bulk loading silo.

Control Plan sifter - RKES


  • It is used to fill in the gap between the big plan sifter and the laboratory plan sifter. Therefore, it provides great advantages. The capacity of the plan sifter is determined by taking into consideration the kind of application and the grade of silk cloth.

Vibratory Product Feeder – DTTA


  • It is used to feed regularly the granular or powdery product into a conveying line or a machine at a suitable rate.

  • For the collection of flours recovered from the filter, to feed respective pneumatic line.

Infestation Destroyer for Flour - DVDU 


  • It is used in the flour mills to prevent infestation of insects to be grown in the processed product.


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