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Blaine Apparatus


Blaine – Surface area analysis – Fineness:


The fineness of cement is a property which must be carefully controlled during the manufacturing process. The total specific surface of the cement represents the surface area available for hydration. Various methods are in use to measure the specific surface of cements. For most purposes air permeability methods produce accurate, repeatable results.

A complete fully Automatic “Permeability” two station tester, with two SABS certified Sample cells

FEATURES: Direct read and printout of the following data in accordance to EN 196-6 specification


Scientec Air Permeability Tester conforms to the Low Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and is Manufactured to the highest standards with the following features:


  • EN 196-6 Compliant (Blaine method) 
  • Auto logging*Real time clock
  • Micro processor based 
  • Easy to use Menu driven control
  • One or two cell operation 
  • 4 x 20 LCD display with back light
  • Optical meniscus sensors 
  • Temperature sensor for auto air viscosity
  • Level correction control knob +/- 20 mm correction
  • Direct read out of Specific surface area 
  • Epoxy coated housing
  • Data for up to 7 different products can be 
  • One Year warranty
  • Stored, porosity, density and mill target 
  • Comprehensive operating manual
  • Printer plus Output



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